Keeping communities alive
Q2: In your opinion, how can Devrel's can keep their communities alive and foster conversations?

Insights from respondents

Mike Stowe, Director Developer Marketing, RingCentral stresses the importance of integrity and transparency. “Developers want to know that they can rely on your product/ service, that their feedback matters, and that you are going to be honest with them. They are looking for a company that meets them where they are and has someone who will advocate on their behalf.”
Aditya Oberai, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, brings up a similar point. “It is necessary to humanize the conversations you have with the community members. You have to remember that apart from being a company representative or point-of-contact, you are one of the community too. It is necessary to have that sense of respect for the members.”
Respondent also advise devrels to:
  • Keep conversations bi-directional and listen more than you speak.
  • Follow up conversations and invest in the responses given.
  • Keep getting community feedback and build the community for them, not for what you think it should be.
  • Motivate them with a good reason to participate in conversations.
Creating value for the community is another crucial factor for better community conversations. The following are great examples of value creation
  • Providing good content.
  • Acting upon community feedback.
  • Creating an engaging place for your core community to hang out.
Samudra Weerasinghe, Community Manager at WSO2, highlights how content and communication keep communities alive. “Ensure that you provide your community with good, new content regularly. Organize events like meetups or community calls where they can join and speak first-hand to your engineers. Create a developer portal where members can easily look for content, connect and reach out to your team.”
Hemchander S, Developer Advocate, Freshworks Inc, brings up a very relatable point about appreciating community members who are active participants. “It is important to reward those who shape the community out of their interest. “
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