Devrel and corporate goals
Q6: How can devrel KPIs align with the company's overall goals?

Respondents encourage devrel to take a collaborative approach in going about this. They recommend the following steps

  • Identify company goals.
  • Analyze how devrel can contribute.
  • Work with sales, marketing, and engineering teams to set the plan in motion.
  • Monitor progress and realign strategy as needed.
Mary Thengvall, Director of Developer Relations at Camunda, discusses some great examples of how you can map devrel initiatives to company goals. If the company is pursuing additional growth, DevRel can focus on awareness activities (speaking at events, generating high-traffic content and syndicating this content, etc. If a company is more focused on customer retention, community engagement and a good developer onboarding experience are key. If they're intent on growing the number of active users, creating the best possible developer experience is going to support that overarching goal.
Mike Stowe, Director Developer Marketing, RingCentral, recommends the AIDA marketing funnel. DevRel strategy and objectives should roll up into the overall company strategy. If DevRel is not a part of your overall company strategy - start there. Define what it is the company's goals are, and how DevRel can feed into those goals and meet executive expectations. Everything you do should drive to those 2-4 goals. Now build a strategy and program with tactics around those goals, and identify your KPIs for your key initiatives. I prefer to do this using the AIDA marketing funnel or Developer Journey (Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Adoption, Advocacy) with 2 KPIs for each state of the funnel. Have secondary metrics to measure the success of individual programs and tactics (ie website traffic may be a KPI, but don't forget to track bounce, time on site, etc)
Sami Kizilbash, Developer Relations at Google, talks about how you can incorporate devrel feedback into product development. DevRel efforts should lead to more developer success stories on your platform, which helps your company overall. Feedback received during DevRel initiatives should also inform product development, a process which grows the long-term developer relationships, confidence, and goodwill necessary to persevere even when product updates fail to meet developer expectations.
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