Community wisdom for thought leadership.
Q3: How could one leverage community wisdom to build thought leadership?

Several respondents agree that the community brings in perspectives that companies might not foresee.

"As users of the products, they know its strengths, weaknesses, and how it is used." Raymond Cayden, Lead Developer Evangelist at HERE Technologies explains. "I try to take such wisdom and see how it applies to my own development, and as a devrel, would do so for others as well. If thought leaders say do X, I would try to find out why (is it a failure of some sort in our product/service) and how can I possibly turn that into action to improve our service."
John Peck, Technical Advocate at GitHub, touches on an interesting perspective - using community wisdom to feed into product roadmaps. "Jump on trends even if the product isn't ready. Find workarounds, direct product research, ask devs questions to find their true needs vs mere wants."
Michael Arguin, Senior Software Engineer at Brightcove has some excellent suggestions on creating awareness for active contributors. "Pin posts or make them part of FAQs, KB articles, add a points system or counter-based system for posts, include ratings and reviews to let others know who are the most trusted/respected respondents."
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