Running a successful event
4: How do you define an event's success and what metrics matter?

We were pleased to see respondents advise devrels to customize metrics based on the type of event and the audience. Here are some recommendations

  • Audience reach
  • Engagement pre and during the event
  • Post-event chatter and conversations
  • Post-event engagement with your product or service
Nicolas Grenié, Developer Advocate at Typeform, talks about how you can use a mix of metrics to determine event success. Separating the different conversations that happened during the event, how many people didn't hear about your company before, how many were existing users, and how many could be potential partners. Success is measured in volume but also in the quality of discussions.
Mike Stowe, Director Developer Marketing, RingCentral, talks about why you should customize metrics depending on the event. Before you can define the success metrics of an event, you need to understand what stage you are in your program, and what your goal for that event is. If the goal is awareness, it may be touches (booth visits), social media mentions, press, or even website traffic. If the goal is adoption, new accounts created or customers onboarded. If pipe (hopefully not), the number of leads and opportunity created. Again, it all depends on your company's mission and where you are in your journey.
Michael Arguin, Senior Software Engineer at Brightcove, brings up a similar sentiment. To me, an event is a success if you can address the needs of those in attendance, no matter how large or small the group is. If I had to put a number on it, I would suggest attendance by a group of 10-20% of your user base or community is a success. If you have 1000 developers, did 100-200 participate in the event either in real-time or through recorded sessions/activities?
Juhi Singh, Developer Marketer at Freshworks, addresses something we often forget - speaker engagement. The event is successful when the audience connects with the speaker because that’s what will help them learn.
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