Engaging through content
Q5: What are some of the best ways to drive content based engagement?

Content is a must-have for any devrel centric initiative. To drive content-based engagement, our respondents suggest the following

  • Create content that is educational about the technology space you work in and not about the company.
  • Focus on answering common problems that the community is trying to solve.
  • Channel content through influencers who can amplify the message.
  • Be consistent in publishing and promotions.
  • Use a mix of channels to get the right kind of reach.
Mike Stowe, Director Developer Marketing, RingCentral
Content is meant to be educational and conversational. Build content that engages the reader, content that is beneficial (ie write about tech, not yourself). Thought-leadership, vision, tutorials, how-tos, and getting started guides tend to do very well. Find a mix between owned content and syndicated or distributed content on sites relevant to your industry or audience.
Tim Falls, Community-builder & Climate Activist
Focus on delivering tangible, meaningful value through your content. If people find value in it, are able to act upon it, or otherwise put it to use, they will appreciate it. Their gratitude will lead to "engagement" (ie, further interactions, expressions of gratitude, shares with their network, etc)
Leon Stigter, Sr Product Manager at Lightbend
I think that predictability is important in terms of when you're publishing content. Having a certain schedule makes it easier for people to expect when you're dropping a new piece of content.
Michael Lynn, Principal Developer Advocate, MongoDB
Take a multi-channel approach. Don't simply plop articles in your blog... do that - but then make that article the basis of a live stream, invite community members to share their experience on a stream, or in a podcast episode.
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